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Mini-plant for hot-mix asphalt production and recycled materials

The Beluga BB5 mini plant meets the requirements for local repairs and on site production of small quantities of bituminous products. The cost price of the finished product, especially when using recycling, is very low.


Fonctionalities and technical specifications

The Beluga BB5 is a compact and mobile mini single-unit production plant designed for manufacturing hot-mix asphalts. Best materials to use are recycled materials and mixed products. Its bitumen heater brings the bitumen up to temperature and stores it in a 500-litre tank. The trailer-mounted tank is ready to use immediatly and features the following components:

  • 200-kg drum holder
  • Bitumen heater
  • 100-litre mini-aggregates skip
  • 700-litre (1 ton) aggregate receiving hopper
  • 2200-litre dryer drum (600-litre available capacity) with a 300 kW burner
  • 5 cycles per hour
  • 6 to 25 rpm. variable speed drum can be angled in relation to its main axis
  • Volumetric metering of aggregates and bitumen; revolution counter
  • 74 kW engine with hydraulic unit
  • Bitumen pump


  • For the on-site production of small quantities of bitmuminous products for filling holes and depressions, covering trenches and surfacing pavements
  • Small localised repairs situated a long way from production centers.

Materials can be supplied pre-graded from a processing plant.

The machine's main advantages is its flexibility and the very attractive production costs, especially with the use of on-site recycling.