Breining, complete and innovative range for road maintenance



The solution for joints and cracks

The cracking of road surfaces is the number one enemy for roads. The overbanding technique guarantees its lifespan. Further, the sealing joints on concrete or paved surfaces as well as the central joint on asphalt layers are essential factors in the success of the works.

The sealant heater, functionalities

The MONO 500 melters are designed for melting and preparing mastics used in treating roadway joints and cracks.


  • On a fixed trailer chassis (AFU version)
  • On a skid to be installed in a skip (FU version)
  • On a spreader (SPM version)

Technical specifications

  • Propulsion unit or pumping
  • 500 litres melting tank
  • Mixer
  • Indirect heating using heat oil
  • Pouring lance

Additional application

In order to ensure the quality of the central joint and the interface between two hot asphalt edges, the heater can be fitted with an inclinable bar to spread.

Economical and ecological crack bridging

Road maintenance requires more compact equipment. Works are most often carried out without closing the road and the repair equipment must be as short as possible for the safety of the operators and the fluidity of traffic.

Crack treatment method

  • The crack is cleaned
  • The sealer is applied to the crack (bridging)
  • The sealer is protected by the spreading of a layer of sand

MONO AFU Kompressor is a compact  machine that groups togather the 3 functions

  • The HOT DOG thermal lance for the in-depth cleaning of the crack
  • The pouring lance
  • The sand lance

The heater is autonomous, fitted with a single motor thus reducing fuel consumption and polluting emissions by at least 30% compared to traditional equipment.

Further, the team at work is clearly visible to the users of the road, there is no truck to obstruct the view. The machinery is at least 30 metres more compact than a classicla organisation.