Breining, complete and innovative range for road maintenance



Slurries Micro Surfacing have been in constant progression for the last 30 years.

They meet a need that is both economic and environmental and are an essential part of the maintenance of county's road assets.

BREINING pioneer and world leader in the manufacture of Slurry Micro Surfacing machines proposes, via the Fayat Road Maintenance Equipment division, a complete and innovating line of application machines-Slurry Pavers.

  • SP 6 000
  • SP 8 000
  • SP 10 000
  • SP 12 000


The choice of a Slurry Paver will determine the productivity of the works to be carried out. It must be a compromise between the necessary polyvalence on certain structures and the daily estimated production.

Slurry Pavers on carrier trucks

When polyvalence, and especially the need for compactness are needed, the carrying truck is the best adapted. It makes it possible to move in restricted spaces (city centres).

Slurry Pavers on articulated trailers

The articulated trailer is especially recommended on linear road works requiring a high daily production.

Its capacities make it possible to limit the number of loads.

Raised axles on articulated trailers

The raised axle system makes it possible to propose a "work" configuration with 1 raised axle giving better manoeuvrability and limiting the risk of skidding.

During transfer the two axles are on the ground to guarantee a maximum load.

Slurries Micro Surfacing: a modern solution to road maintenance.
Emulsion techniques, and especially slurries Mirco Surfacing, are destined to be increasingly used throughout the world. They are not only more respectful of the environment, but they also guarantee operator safety.

The -SLURRY PAVER-application equipment for Micro Surfacing is highly productive because it groups togather the on-location production of the final product and the spreading of the materials.

Slurry Micro Surfacing